Stop the Clock & Embrace the Bold and New!

Stop the Clock Time Management – A Fresh Perspective on an Old Topic That Will Finally Make You Friends with Father Time!

Learn how to reduce stress and ceate more hours in the day!  Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you how in this audio class.

  • Reclaim Stolen Time — hours you didn’t even know were lost

  • Block Scheduling to Set You FREE and Get More Done

  • Eliminate Drama, Energy Drains and Increase Your Power

“Thank you Nancy!  Your Stop the Clock Time Management techniques helped me reclaim 3 hours in just the first few days! This really works.” ~ Kim Horvath

Holiday Happiness – A Prescription to Eliminate the Old and Blue and Embrace the Bold and New!

With the onset of the holiday season also comes the onset of cold and flu season. During the time of year we come into contact with more people than usual – in crowded stores and highways, holiday parties and family gatherings. We are not only exposed to more cold and flu germs, we are also susceptible to catching the “Old and Blues”

  • Old buttons being pushed triggering feelings of frustration, hurt or upset.

  • Old limiting beliefs and fears rearing their ugly heads.

  • Feeling blue, sad or depressed, missing people no longer in our lives.

Protect and immunize yourself now by listening to this special holiday message and enjoy this season as the “Bold and New!”




 Remember…”The most important things in life aren’t things.”  ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Wishing You Peace, Love & Lots of Fun and Laughter This Holiday Season … And Always!

Nancy Matthews


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