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    Bringing Back The Art Of Mentorship…
    To Thousands All Over The World!
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    Introducing Social Mentoring!

    What if mentorship could look totally different?

    Introducing Social Mentoring

    class="lines sub_title text_center">We are doing mentorship a whole new way!

    • Monthly Live Keynotes

      You will not want to miss these powerful LIVE training events created exclusively for this mentorship community by Keith Kochner and/or his Special Guests! Can’t watch LIVE…no worries watch on On Demand ANYTIME!

      View Sample Keynote!

    • Daily Mentorship Videos

      Start off everyday M-F with a 15min Daily Mentorship Moment video training that will challenge you to go to the next level! Miss a morning…no problem everything in Mentorfish.com is archived.

      View Sample Videos!

    • Weekly Q&A Video Chats

      What other leaders in today’s business world do you have availability for LIVE Q&A? You will have the opportunity to ask Keith Kochner or his guests anything every week…PRICELESS!

      View Video Chat Screenshot!

    • Interactive Online Courses

      Try out our 6-Month Getting Addicted To Your Greatness Boot Camp or our 6-Month Getting Addicted To Your Financial Greatness Boot Camp. You can also participate in one of our 90 Day Quarterly Challenges!

      View Bootcamp Screenshots!

    • Teen Leadership Content

      If you have teenagers tell them check out the Fish Tank…a special area of leadership content specifically designed for them. With several different speakers and topics they will find something that challenges them!

      View Fishtank Screenshot!

    • Live Two Day Events

      Experience Keith Kochner in person at one of our most well known events…The 2 Day Exchange Event. This life changing event is held at our beautiful Greatness Center in Tulsa, OK and is FREE to all Mentorfish.com Members!

      View Exchange Video!

    • Weekly Leadership Articles

      The start of a new week will no longer be the hardest part of your week. Be inspired and challenged by the powerful articles Keith Kochner and/or his Special Guests will write for you every week!

      View Article Samples!

    • Active Community Forums

      Stay connected to other like minded community members and be sharpened by an array of topics from business to marriage to faith and everything in between to help you live your Greatest Life!

      View Forum Screenshot!

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    Who are you listening to?

    Start learning from today’s top leaders!

    Monthly Life Changing Insights From Super Achievers!

    class="lines sub_title text_center">A Priceless Education For Pennies On The Dollar

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    What things are you spending $10 on every month?

    Are they changing your life!?

    Membership is only $9.90 per month!

    We are the most affordable resource for leadership mentorship on the planet
    • Learn to lead by those who are Leading!
    • Experience Greatness with those who are living it!
    • See what’s possible from people who have broken through the impossible!
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    Mentorfish is where today’s leaders are creating their tomorrows.” – Keith Kochner


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    “I am on a mission to educate everyone everywhere to live their Greatest Life!”

    About The Founder

    “You cannot walk towards your Greatness you can only walk away from it.”
    Keith Kochner
    Keith Kochner


    Keith Kochner, known by many as “The Mentor,” is an international Keynoter, Trainer, and Author.  He is considered a leading authority in Professional Development and Leadership Training. His ability to communicate and connect with audiences has made him one of the most effective catalysts of change for those looking to live their GREATEST Life!  Keith has a proven track record of consistently helping businesses and individuals accelerate their success, exponentially! This ability has granted him unique access to mentor thousands from all walks of life.  He is one of today’s most “in demand” speakers, sharing his unique process for success all around the world.

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    “I would like to invite you to experience the accelerating power Mentorship can have on your life’s endeavors.”

    Contact us

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    (918) 948-8977

    406 South Boulder Ave. Suite 102
    Tulsa, OK

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