The Science of Getting Rich

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This classic book was written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles.  After my own personal study of this book and the principles and experiencing an increase in riches, both in my bank account and my life, I was inspired to provide these resources so you too could experience the freedom that getting rich brings!

Do you want to be rich?

Do you wonder why you still struggle?

Do you feel resistance to the term “getting rich?”

Do old thought patterns of “filthy rich” or “stinking rich” pop up for you as they did for me?

Get ready to set yourself free and learn how to:

  • Get rich and feel GREAT about it!
  • Get rich and share your wealth with others.
  • Get rich and have the secrets to staying rich!

This course material includes a pdf version of the book along with audio files of my reading of each of the individual chapters and a 30 Day Companion Guide, with daily prompts for reflection and expansion of your money consciousness (and your bank account!)  For best results I suggest that you focus on one chapter per day (or week as your time allows) and that you spend time in reflection after reading to address your own thoughts and ideas as you go through the book.

I look forward to hearing about your great success and RICHES as a result of applying the universal principles shared in this book.


 Timeless Principles

 System & Structure

 Support & Accountability



Comprehensive Guide Book with Daily Exercises and Outline of 30 Day Course


(Click Here >> 30 Day Companion Guide  to Download the Companion Guide)

 eBook “The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

(Click Here >> The_Science_of_Getting_Rich_E-Book to Download the PDF)

 Bonus Audio Class – “Make this Your New Year Now!”

 (Click Here >> “Make This Your New Year Now!” to Dowload the MP3)

 Bonus Audio Class – “Get Rich in 15 Minutes”

 (Click Here >> “Get Rich in 15 Minutes a Day” to Download the MP3)

 Daily Support

 You will receive a daily email reminder for each of the exercises for the course


 Send your daily text message “DONE” to 954-980-2134

 Monthly Support

 Join us for the Monthly Mastermind Call – the 4th Wednesday of Every Month – Dial 1-712-432-0900, Access Code 316545#

 Audio Recordings of Each Chapter

 See below for the links to the audio recording of each individual chapter

Next, Access the Audio Recordings and Lock In the Learning and the Principles to Claim YOUR Riches Now!

**For Best Results — Listen to and/or Read 1 chapter Per Day


Start Here — Introduction and Preface –

Chapter 1 – The Right to be Rich  Chapter 7 – Gratitude  Chapter 13 – Getting Into the Right Business
 Chapter 2 – There Is a Science of Getting Rich  Chapter 8 – Thinking in The Certain Way  Chapter 14 – The Impression of Increase
 Chapter 3 – Is Opportunity Monopolized?  Chapter 9 – How to Use the Will  Chapter 15 – The Advancing Personality
 Chapter 4 – The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich  Chapter 10 – Further Use of the Will  Chapter 16 – Some Cautions and Concluding Observations
 Chapter 5 – Increasing Life  Chapter 11 – Acting in The Certain Way  Chapter 17 – A Summary of The Science of Getting Rich
 Chapter 6 – How Riches Come To You  Chapter 12 – Efficient Action


Chapters 1 through 7 (includes Intro and Preface)

Chapters 8 through 17      


Remember, You Deserve to be Rich and The World Is Conspiring In Your Favor!

For any questions call (800) 928-6928.

We Are Here to Support You Achieving Your Goals and Dreams!

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity!




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