Wow!  What a Day!

Thank you all for playing full out on Wow Wednesday’s 1 Year Anniversary Extravaganza

(Below you will find the links to the replays of the 2 great tele-classes with Amanda Black of Business Success Training and Duane Cummings of The Sensational Group.)

Congratulations to these Prize Winners:

Victoria Ahrensdorf– The Science of Getting Rich 30 Day Intensive *Brand New Course* (Value $129)Karen Rogers- Business Success Summit with Steve and Amanda Black (Value $658) PLUS the 12 Step Follow Up System (Value $197)Nidia Ramirez- Magical Message Session with Nancy Matthews ($125 Value)Kelley Chappel, Ph.D- **2 Tickets to the 5th Annual Prosperity Un-Conference** (Value $794) Susan Wurzlebacher– She Won Twice! The 12 Step Follow Up System (Value $197) and a 90 Minute Massage provided by WPN Member, Dianna Ivey (Value $125)Laura Newman- 2 Tickets to the Superstar Success Summit (Value $194)Sherry Kane- The 12 Step Follow Up System (Value $197) PLUS a Bonus “Message Session” when she enrolled in the Science of Getting Rich Intensive!Nadja Carrasco Vega– a Coaching Session with the awesome TRISH CARR!  (Value $125) PLUS…These Fast Action Takers Got a HUGE Bonus When They Purchased Their Tickets for the 5th Annual Prosperity ‘Un-Conference!’Carol MorganGeraldine Blanchard Sherry Kane Christine MyersTheir prize … A 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Duane Cummings, The Sensational Guy!

 Now, Would You Like More Prizes and Surprises?

Although the Wow Wednesday Only Extravaganza Specials Are Gone, We Still Want to Thank You for Playing and Being Committed to Creating the Life You Want and Deserve and Have Put Together a Series of “December to Remember” Specials (see below).

Remember the words and wisdom of the late Jim Rohn:

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education with make you a fortune!”

Make it A December to Remember … As you prepare for your holiday shopping, consider giving yourself and others the gift of growth, development and perpetual prosperity! Guarantee your success in 2012 — start planning and take action NOW!


Save $130

The 12 Step Follow Up System

Today Only – SAVE BIG TIME

& Make More Money Now!

  • 12 Weeks of Video Training and Step by Step Instructions for Fantastic Follow Up That Fills Your Funnel (and Your Bank Account!)
  • (3) Monthly Group Coaching Calls to Work Through YOUR Specific Challenges, Converting Conversations to Cash and Accountability
  • Instant Bonus Downloads “12 Step Follow Up Report” (pdf); “Networking Conversation Starters” (pdf); “Networking in a Nutshell” (mp3); “Fantastic Follow Up” (mp3)

Retail Pricing:  $197

December Special – Only $67!

[headline_cufon_font_left color="#000000"]You Are a Champion Game Changer! [/headline_cufon_font_left]

Save 50% Now

Re-Live the 4thAnnual Prosperity “Un-Conference”

Over 17 Hours of Recordings

Nancy Matthews, Jack Canfield, Simon T. Bailey, Duane Cummings, Helen Raptoplous, Ava Diamond, Craig Duswalt, Wendi Blum, Pamela Bruner, Karen Mayfield,  Dan Giordano, Vince Gelormine, Juli A.H. Evans, Michael Poggi,  Lindsey Jean, Dr. Sean

Sales Strategies, Out of the Box Marketing Solutions, Having a Game Changer Mindset, Speaking for Big Impact, Become a RockStar in Your Industry, Create a Solid Platform for the Sale of Your Books, and So Much More!!!

Retail Pricing:  $179

December Special – Only $89!


[headline_cufon_font_left color="#000000"]Plus…Another Insane Offer! [/headline_cufon_font_left]

Register NOW for The 5th Annual Prosperity “Un-Conference!”

September 28-29, 2012 West Palm Beach

December Special – Only $197

Plus… A 30 Minute 1 on 1 Strategy Session With Trish Carr or Nancy Matthews!

(A $250 Value!)

Save $50 Today Only

The Science of Getting Rich 30 Day Intensive Program

**Brand New Course**

Start Your Year with the Power of Science and Get Rich Now! 30 Day Course Intensive – January 1st through January 31st.  Would You Be Willing to Commit to 15 Minutes Per Day If You Knew It Would Bring You the Riches You’ve Been Struggling To Create?

Creating Wealth Is a Science!

Study – Integrate – Practice

In this one of a kind course Nancy Matthews guides, encourages and supports you in using the Science of Getting Rich to Create YOUR Riches!  Course Includes:

  • PDF eBook “The Science of Getting Rich”
  • CD/MP3 – Audio Recording of “The Science of Getting Rich” (by Nancy Matthews)
  • January 1st at 10:00 a.m. (eastern) – Live Tele-Class laying the foundation for the course
  • *Daily email/text with link to audio and podcast of each of the chapters so you can study 1 per day.

Retail Pricing: $129

Extravaganza Special – Only $79


[headline_cufon_font_centered color="#000000"]Immerse Yourself – Have It All And Save Even More with This Totally Extravagant Offer …[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

12 Step Follow Up Program

$197          $ 67

2011 Conference Recordings

$179          $ 89

Science of Getting Rich 30 Day Intensive

$129          $ 79

5th Annual Prosperity Un-Conference – General Admission Ticket PLUS Strategy Session Bonus! ($250 Value)

$397          $197

Total Package

$902          $432

December to Remember Power Pack Pricing

 Questions?  Grab This TODAY … Make This December the Start of a Year Filled with Total Prosperity!

Call Us Now at (800) 928-6928


Only    $377



Tele-Class Replays


Amanda Hyde Black, CEO of Business Success Training

Amanda Hyde-Black is a sought after marketing expert, having consulted with the World Cup, Chicago Cubs, and hundreds of companies across the US.  She loves traveling to exotic locales and has a golden retriever named “Molly”. She has resided in the “windy city” of Chicago for the past six years. Her passion is helping others to be successful!  She is a sought after speaker herself, having delivered over 500 speeches in the last five years to some of America’s best companies and organizations. (www.BusinessSuccessTraining.com)

Topic: Three Ways to Increase Revenue in 2012


 Duane Cummings, The Sensational Group

Duane is the founder of The Sensational Group and is regularly described as a modern day Renaissance man. He lives with a single purpose. “To aid others, act on ideas and achieve sensational results!” Duane has earned degrees in business and natural science and is an entrepreneur, writer, trainer and speaker. He learned the importance of teamwork and honed his leadership skills by winning championships as a professional soccer player and coach. After retiring from athletics, he successfully transferred his winning ways to the business world. He’s been a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Business and was named 2006 Businessman of the Year. (www.TheSensationalGrp.com)

Topic: Sensational Solutions for You and Your Business


  This IS Your Time!  Take Action, Believe In Yourself and Have Faith!  The Community of WPN Is Here to Support All Your Goals and Dreams!

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!”







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